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Ladurée Champs Élysées

75, Avenue des Champs Élysées, 75008, Paris

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And other locations across the city


6, Rue Victor Hugo, 31000, Toulouse

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Les Douceurs de Louise

10, Place des Grands Hommes, 33000, Bordeaux

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Au Péché Mignon

23, Rue des Carmes, 44000, Nantes

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French Macarons are not a new phenomenon, they can be traced back to the 1800's  when a second cousin of the famous Ladurée family started sandwiching two single macarons together with ganache, jam or butter cream. However at that time they looked more like cookies. From 1862 onwards La Maison Ladurée started to produce the jewel coloured macarons which have become a brand which is recognised worldwide.

If you are visiting Les Champs Elysees in Paris I would highly recommend you visit their flagship shop either to join the endless queue to hand pick an array of macarons or take the weight off your feet and visit the salon de thé upstairs in a series of beautiful paneled rooms. Here you will be able to enjoy lunch or sample the most divine cakes. An extravagant treat but well worth it. 

Another name synonymous with macarons is Pierre Hermé who created Macaron Day in 2005 to help raise money for charity and this has become an annual event which has now expanded to New York where the locals love the taste of French macarons. Pierre Hermé macarons are modern with a unique taste and they are always creating new flavours to tempt their customers. As well as having their own shops you can find them in store at Galerie Lafayette.  

Macarons are very popular and can be found in most large towns and cities. If you are in Toulouse check out Maison Cabiron and if you are staying in Bordeaux you must pay a visit to Les Douceurs de Louise. If you happen to be visiting Nantes try Au Péché Mignon.

My favourite flavour is rose, start sampling them to find out yours. They are impossible to resist!